Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Slaying Tiny Dragons

When I leave the house for the first time in the morning, I kiss the icon of St. George and ask his help for slaying dragons. I realize that the dragons I face are minuscule compared to what many people have to deal with every day. However, that small gesture reminds me that we are representatives of God's Kingdom here and it helps me at times (but, alas, not often enough) to bite my tongue, swallow those words, sway my hand, extend myself...whatever the situation calls for. It reminds me that it does matter what I do and how I behave within my small sphere of influence.

Most of us live most of our lives with the realm of  the "small". In his blogpost Why Small Things Matter Father Stephen writes beautifully (as always) on the significance of small things. If you are not familiar with his blog "Glory to God for All Things" I strongly recommend it. He always has something interesting and profound to say, and in a manner which seems to be infused with humility and love. His posts have helped me countless of times as I try to slay, over and over again, the seemingly tiny but persistent dragons of laziness, despondency, lack of hope, lack of faith and fear.

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  1. Hello- What things you find on the web when you type orthodox single mom. I am glad it brought me here! Always enjoy meeting those that I may have something in common with. I enjoyed reading your blog.