Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gluten Free Baking: Why Do My Cookies Look Like Hamburger Meat?

Lookers these cookies are not, but they are full of chocolatey and peanutty goodness!

A friend from church believes she might be gluten-intolerant so in an effort to keep her included I am experimenting with gluten-free recipes. Baking Bites' Peanutbutter and Chocolate Cookies are totally flourless, so no problem there. I have to say I was skeptical, but these turned out wonderfully flavorful!

Getting decent photos on the other hand, was not so simple. No matter which angle, which distance I used, the cookies looked like unappetizing blobs (Photo I) or more like hamburger patties (Photo II). I have to admit I rather like the play of color and textures in Photo III, even though the cookies themselves end up playing 2nd and 3rd fiddle to other elements.

So much to learn...

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