Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saved by Paper

While I was recuperating from minor surgery I had to find something to do at home with my son, Sasha, that didn't involve racing, freeze tag, pillow fights or generally climbing on mommy.  Above are the results.

These are relatively easy to make even with a 6-year-old's hands and patience. Here is the link.

I don't know how we survived before the internet!


  1. Just checking if the comment system works.

  2. Hey Jaana! I'm just seeing a few of these posts, I haven't been on in a while. How was surgury, did you make it out alright? Your creativity appears to still be in tact, that's good. I noticed your comment on Fr Stephens blog a few days ago and it made me think of you. I sure hope you have a nice and long Memorial Day weekend to look forward to..

  3. Thanks, Ryan, I have recovered faster than I thought.

    You haven't blogged for a while. How come?

    Looks like the weekend will be great. On Sunday, I will become a godmother for the first time in the Orthodox Church. I am looking forward to that tremendously.

    Any news on that front with you?

    You too, have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That's good news, surgury's never pleasent but a quick recovery definitely lightens things a little. I haven't blogged in a while, you're right. Really it's because too many of my friends found my site, that sounds weird I know but I feel a little wierd about expressing some of my deepenst thoughts to people close to me. I have a few things that will probably make their way onto my wordpress site soon.

    That's great you'll be a godmother, sounds like one lucky kid. As for me, I'll have more news soon but there's no where else for my to go, Orthodoxy's home for me; with that said I'm still taking my time, I'm not even a catechumen yet. I do go to St John's exclusively now though.

    I hope the weather in NY is as nice as it is here in GA, should be a great weekend! You and Sasha are never far from my prayers.

  5. My godson is actually adult(another Ryan) and has been blogging about his journey. He converted from Catholicism. There might be things on his blog that you might find interesting:

    Keep me posted and let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Ryan's other god parent, Stephen, is very knowledgeable about the church, so between the two of us we should be able to come up with an answer (maybe).

    You are also in my prayers daily.